“Gently Erotic” is the name, and describes what we sell precisely. This is a new website, and initially the content will be limited. We plan that it will expand over the next few months, especially if it proves popular with viewers.
The website grew from the interests of one amateur photographer, who progressed from glamour to art nude, and eventually developed an interest in more erotic and explicit images than the traditional art nude form allows.
However, you will not find standard “enhanced blonde” images here. We understand that beauty and eroticism are not confined to stereotypes, and you will find images of women who are older, different shapes, and far from the routine male (or female) fantasies. They are all REAL.

We also recognise that eroticism is not only a matter of exposure. It can lie as much in a sideways glance or a direct gaze as in candidly seen anatomy.

Our intention is to portray beautiful women of all sorts in all their erotic glory, without degrading them in any way.

A few of our pictures show models in some pain, or restrained. This is entirely consensual, and often reflects practices they pursue in their private lives. The world is more diverse than many of us understand!

In every single case, the art is the result of a collaboration. Whatever others say, the photographer is nothing without the model, and each image is a joint production between the one who possesses beauty, and the one who records it. The links to individual models reflect this understanding, and a willingness on both parts to collaborate with others.

So come inside, and see what we have to offer.